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Mehdi Chitsaz (Persian: Mehdi Chitsaz -مهدی چیت ساز ; born September 17, 1998), better known by his stage name Chit2am, is an artist, Producer, songwriter and Actor living in Montreal, Canada. He is Iranian Rap Singer, started his career in music industry since 2016. He was born in Isfahan, Iran, and moved to Canada as a teenager. He started his Musical career with Nicotine, his best friend in Montreal. They produced a few unofficial singles which were never released. His first track was "Secrets" which took the attention of many of the music lovers and very soon he became popular and after that he released his second track "Shahrag" which again was very successful. He has also had collaborations with other popular musicians Nima Nimosh, Sepehr Khalse, Behzad Leito and Khashayar Sr.

Chit2am: Rise of the First Persian Rapper In Montreal

Self-made vocalist Chit2am is a rising star of the Persian rap scene. With more than 10 song releases since the beginning of 2018, his tunes have been streamed over a million times on the leading Persian music platform, Radio Javan, and all other platforms. His tuneful melodies float over the hi-hats, kick drums and moody ambiance of tracks influenced by the 'Trap' music of the American Southern States. Perfect for the club, the car or just chilling, this is the soundtrack for a sophisticated urban crowd that likes to live life to the full. The noise around Chit2am's releases has built through teasers on his much-followed Instagram feed @Chit2am, featuring the singer in fast cars, in the studio and poolside, showing the realization of a young entrepreneur's dreams...

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Tavalod - Chit2am

April fool

April Fool - Chit2am

Yadam nemire

Yadam Nemire - Chit2am

Bedoone to

Bedoone To - Chit2am


Padide - Chit2am

Bez Jibet (Remix)

Bez Jibet - Behzad Leito, Sepehr Khalse Ft. Chit2am


Captain - Chit2am, Arshya

YeKE Montreal

Yeke Montreal - Chit2am

Freestyle - Video

Freestyle - Chit2am


Rozane - Chit2am, Z2, Hades


Sedaye Ayande - Chit2am, Santos, Nima Nimosh


Shahrag - Chit2am, Santos


Secrets - Chit2am