Mehdi Chitsaz (Persian: مهدی چیت ساز ; born September 17, 1998), better known by his stage name Chit2am, is an Iranian rapper, based in Montreal, Canada. He was born in Isfahan, Iran, and moved to Canada as a teenager. He has Been singing since 2016.He started his Musical career with Nicotine, his best friend in Montreal. They produced a few unofficial singles which were never released.

In 2017 Chit2am recorded his single "Secrets" featuring AAK, which was his first official released. In 2018, Chit2am announced his second single "Shahrag" with Mehdi Santos, which was supported by Nima Nimosh. After Shahrag, Chit2am and Mehdi Santos collaborated with Nima Nimosh and announced a single called "Sedaye Ayande" which was released in October 2018.